Basic Jungian Studies


This part of the web site covers a wide range of topics, from Jung’s life and career to the development of the modern ‘Jungian Movement’ and recent theories in a number of areas.    The level of knowledge required varies from file to file, as you will see with a little browsing.

Jung’s life and career is a very short and simple introduction to this topic.   If you want to know more, there are dozens of biographies, including those in the reading list.

Jung’s mob gives very brief descriptions of some of the more important colleagues and followers of Jung who were important in the development of Jungian ideas.

Jung and the post-Jungians follows the development of Jungian ideas around the world and some of the conflicts that developed between different Jungian ‘schools’ as they developed in different parts of the world.    Andrew Samuels and Thomas Kirsch have written books on the subject and I would especially recommend the latter.

The files that are listed by names are brief biographies of some important Jungians.

The Archetypes file goes into Jung’s theory of the archetypes in a little detail, with some commentary about more recent ideas in the area.

The theories of von Franz are revisited in the files on fairy stories, myths and films.

The file on Peter Shaffer is my own interpretation of the meaning of his three great plays (The Royal Hunt of the Sun, Equus and Amadeus).

Dreams is a very short and simple look at several theories of the meaning of dreams:  DVDs of some interviews on the subject I had at the ABC are also available (see the file).

Jung and Religion is a complex area that will take some time to develop (there are several contributors).

Finally, Further Reading is just what it says.   Some suggestions for further reading in a large variety of topics.   This section will undergo frequent revision.

Happy reading!


Jung’s life and career

Jung’s life and career.pdf


Jung’s mob

Jung’s mob.pdf


Jung and the Post-Jungians

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Robert Johnson



Marie-Louise von Franz

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Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig

Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig.pdf


The Archetypes and other psychic structures

A note on splitting.pdf

What Are The Archetypes.pdf

How many archetypes or instincts 1.pdf – NEW

How many archetypes or instincts 2.pdf – NEW

How many archetypes or instincts 3.pdf – NEW


The Great Stories

fairy tales.pdf


Myths and others: In preparation.   Meanwhile, check out Star Wars or any of Robert Johnson’s books.


Archetypes in films, other media and the arts


Peter Shaffer: Archetypes in Theatre

Peter Shaffer and How He Did It.pdf





Further Reading


This list is likely to change at frequent intervals.  It is designed for those who have read at least some of the material on the website and wish to go a little further.


Man and His Symbols   1964   Aldus Books

A basic introduction, with chapters by Carl Jung, Joseph Henderson, M-L von Franz and


The Freud/Jung Letters  1991   Penguin   William McGuire editor.

A correspondence that describes the frienship of Jung and Freud and their breakup.   Good

bedtime reading.

Interpretation of Fairytales  1982   Spring.   Marie-Louise von Franz

The best book on the subject available.   And a good introduction to the writings of

von Franz.   Really a course of lectures put into print form.

Jung   1980   Paladin   Vincent Brome

Arguably one of the best biographies.  Especially strong on the first half of Jung’s life.

The Psychology of Romantic Love  1987   Arkana   Robert A. Johnson

One of Johnson’s best books.   Traces the development of the idea of romantic love, using

the myth of Tristan and Iseult as his example.    Very readable.

Understanding Jung.   1985    Dreams and the Search for Meaning  1992   Methuen

Peter O’Connor.

An excellent pair of introductory books by a noted Australian Jungian Therapist.

Power in the Helping Professions   1971  Spring   Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig.

A most unusual approach to the practical effects of the shadow.   And an excellent

introduction to this very original author.

Jung’s Typology in Perspective   1995   Chiron   Angelo Spoto.

One of many good books on Jung’s theory of personality types.   It is also worthwhile

looking for anything of the subject written by Otto Kroeger.

Remembering Jung   1990   Bosustow    Video or DVD

A series of 24 DVDs depicting interviews with people who knew Jung well.   Especially

recommended are Joseph Wheelwright, Joseph Henderson, Marie-Louise von Franz

and Laurens van der Post.

Dreamworks: A Meeting of Spirituality and Psychology  1997   Harper Collins    Price

and Haynes

A good introduction to the subject, but hard to obtain.

Saint George and the Dandelion   1982  The C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco.

Joe Wheelwrights lectures in book form.   Simple and entertaining, but another one that’s

difficult to get hold of.


Note that the earlier books were mostly written within a couple of decades or so of Jung’s death.    They are close to the earlier (and simpler) understandings of his ideas.   There are some more recent publications below.

Balancing Heaven and Earth   1998   Harper Collins   Robert Johnson

A wonderful autobiography.  Easy to read.

Jung and the Making of Modern Psychology   2003   Cambridge University Press

Sonu Shamdasani

A very important, if rather difficult book about Jung’s importance to psychology then and now.

A Most Dangerous Method   1004   Sinclair-Stevenson   John Kerr

An enormous work on the Jung-Freud relationship and their relationships with Sabina Spielrein and others.   Not easy to read, but a lot of material.

Dream Analysis    1984   Princeton   C. G. Jung  (ed. William McGuire)

Jung’s original (1928-30) seminars on the subject.   Complete.

The Jungians    2000   Routledge   Thomas B. Kirsch

If You Find Books Hard To Obtain, even from Amazon, the C.G. Jung Bookstore of Los Angeles (West Pico Boulevard) has just about everything available by or about Jung.